Kayak Tours

  • • I understand there is an acceptable risk of injury whilst taking part in these activities.
    • I understand that I may get wet while participating in this activity.
    • I understand that I am completely responsible for my own safety. Guides and Staff are available to assist should the need arise.
    • I understand that there is a risk I may fall in the water. Kayaking has inherent risks and can be dangerous. Detailed risk management and strict safety procedures are observed; however there remains an element of risk.
    • I understand that my behaviour and conduct must not endanger any other participants on the tour or hire.
    • I understand that I may not participate in the activities if under the influence of any drugs or alcohol. Any persons found under such influences will be denied access to the tour or hire.
    • I am responsible for the Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) supplied by Riverside Adventures and may be liable to pay any costs caused by the misuse or damage caused to the equipment.
    • I acknowledge that Riverside Adventures are not liable for any direct or indirect loss, damage or injury arising or in connection with the activities, with exception to death or injury caused by the negligence of Riverside Adventures and its staff.
    • I declare that I am of a moderate fitness level, and I have no medical issues which may cause any incident to anyone including myself whilst taking part in the activities at Riverside Adventures. People with medical issues should seek professional medical advice before taking part in the activities, and disclose any special needs.
    • I give my authority for photographs to be taken of myself/child participating in activities run by Riverside Adventures that may be used for future promotional use. I understand that Riverside Adventures has no financial or obligation regarding the use of these photographs.
    • I agree to follow any relevant safety instructions at all times when directed, especially with regards to safety.
    • I agree all the above risk acknowledgements are applicable to the participant/s on this form. I also understand that once the briefing is complete, I am not eligible for a refund.
    ➢ Participants under the age of 18:
    • As the parent/guardian, I hereby declare that I am of 18 years or over and that I have read, understood and accept the terms and conditions above on behalf of the participant.
    • I declare that I am the adult responsible for the health and safety of the participant (younger than 18) listed, and give my consent for them to take part in the activities at Riverside Adventures.
    • If I am not the legal parent or guardian of these children I have been given the authority to sign this form